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Ramphos the flying boat

Background information

AmphibiaiR will be flying the Ramphos amphibious Micro Light Aircraft.

Ramphos has been invented & manufactured from 1998 in Italy, by the Italian mr. Enzo Gaiga, with the goal to produce a safe, easy & affordable way for pilots to get airborne & to fly with passengers. 

In the last 20 years, approximately 200 Ramphos aircrafts have been build & sold in over more than 30 country’s worldwide. 

This type of aircraft is classified as a Micro Light Aircraft with the ability to start from & land on both water and solid grounds (gras, ice and snow). With an action radius of +/- 400 km and 4 1/2 hours of flying time, with altitudes from 1 m up to 3.500 m, Ramphos enables a great variety of flights.

A Private Pilot Licence (PPL-A) is needed to fly a Ramphos.

Ramphos; safe, fun, reliable, amphibious & adventurous

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Bootconstructie links achter-amphibiair.
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The construction

Is a combination of existing & independent reliable proven productions, such as the Wing (Italy) & the Engine (Austria). The sandwich boat-construction, with the integrated wheels for the amphibious system, the seats, the instruments & the overall construction between wing & boat are all produced at the

Ramphos factory.

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