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Ramphos v10
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Environment, Meteorology & Construction

Until now the Amphibious Ramphos has been build for the broadest range of employability.

Controlled & preferably perfect flying conditions.

Since one of the goals of AmphibiaiR is to broaden the portfolio of the different places the Ramphos will be flying, means that Ramphos will encounter many different circumstances concerning the take-off & landing area's but also the different meteorological circumstances, such as extreme high- & low temperatures, as well as extreme damp- & dry conditions.

Ramphos; adaptable, employable, amphibious & adventurous

amphibiair Classic 1.JPG
2 zitjes & dashboard.jpg
Bootconstructie links achter-amphibiair.
Dashboard & boeg.jpg


One of the USP's of AmphibiaiR is to fly to & land at locations that are very difficult and / or very expensive to reach with other vehicles.

Exploring the limits of flying with a Ramphos amphibious Micro Light Aircraft, means adaptation of both the technical equipment as well as the flying skills of the pilot.

Example; the amphibious Ramphos MLA will be equipped with the latest aqua- & aerodynamical boat construction, for the best flying characteristics & for landings on the different water surfaces.

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